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Rendez-vous bei mir am Atelier

€1.00 EUR

If you would like to pass by to see my artworks in person then please don't hesitate to reach out and we can make an appointment.

I will show you around my atelier, my way of working and my artworks. This of course doesn't cost anything. I simply cannot put anything at EUR 0 in the store, that's why it says 1 EUR.

Dir kennt mech gaer kontakteiere fir ee perseinleche rdv a mengem Atelier wou ech Iech meng Wierker a Persoun ka weisen. Dat kascht natierlech naischt, ech ka just naischt fir 0 EUR hei an de STORE setzen, doweinst steet do 1 EUR.

Email: daniellegrosbusch[at] 

Or call me directly: 621 69 70 45

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